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How do I drill down and link maps?
How do I drill down and link maps?

Avoid making a super-detailed map with every step in the journey - that will result in a big hairy monster of a map! Instead, do this.

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One customer journey map is almost never enough. Most often you'll need a variety of journey maps to visualize different parts of your customer journey, as well as maps on different detail levels. 

When you are ready to go beyond a single map, and want to create more maps, here is how you can create a hierarchy of maps, link them together and create a customer journey ecosystem.

This is part of a Q&A video series with professional journey mapping tips from our experts Daniel Ewerman, CEO here at Custellence and Marc Fonteijn, host of renowned Service Design Show

The questions come from participants in the Perfect Map Course. If you want to learn how to make better maps faster and with more confidence, head on over to The Perfect Map Course

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