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Workspaces in Custellence
Introduction to workspaces in Custellence
Introduction to workspaces in Custellence

We’re constantly working on making Custellence a better tool for teamwork. Here is all you need to know about workspaces in Custellence

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👉 Get a better overview of your team’s journey maps - all in one place

Instead of your personal map list in Custellence, we have developed workspaces. That means that you and your colleagues now have a shared space for all maps. Don´t worry though, your personal maps will still be kept personal if you want to keep it that way:)

👉 Map collections make it easier to categorize and find your journey maps easier

If you are an owner or admin of a workspace, you can now create map collections. Sort all your journey maps into groups that make sense for your organization. This will make it easier for you and your team to navigate the workspace and finding the right map quicker. Learn about map collections in this video guide:

👉 Manage your team in the new team admin menu

Admins and owners of a workspace also get a few additional super-powers that will help you stay in control and manage your team in the workspace. These super-powers include:

  • adding and removing team members in the workspace

  • setting members’ workspace roles

  • check which maps a member has access to, and remove map access

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