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How do I become an admin of a workspace?

Ask an existing admin or the owner of the workspace to change your role to “Admin”. Only the owner and administrators may manage members of the workspace. A workspace can only have one owner, but several admins.

Who is the owner of a workspace?

A workspace has one owner, and it is usually the person who is responsible for the tool Custellence, or who has purchased it. It can also be one of the super-users of the tool.

Where can I see the roles in the workspace?

As the owner or admin of the workspace you can see who has what role and the different roles to select from by going to the “Team members” page and look below the “Workspace role” header.

What is a workspace guest?

A guest is a Custellence-user that are not a member of this workspace, but still have access to maps that belongs to this workspace. Guests can only have view-access to maps shared with them.

If you are an admin of your workspace, you can add guests as member to the workspace.

How do I add a user to my workspace?

To add a user you need be the owner or administrator of the workspace. Go to the “Team members” page. There you have a field where you can enter the email address of the person you want to invite and click the “Add member” button.

Can I have access to more than one workspace?

Yes, a user can have access to multiple workspaces. If you belong to more than one workspace or are the admin/owner of several workspaces, you will see them in the main menu in the upper right corner when logged in to Custellence.

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