How does map collections work?

A map collection is simply a way to arrange and categorize the journey maps in a workspace, to get a better overview of the content in Custellence.

What’s the difference between the map collection “personal maps” and “shared maps” in workspace?

  • Personal maps: maps you have added to the workspace but are neither placed in a collection nor shared with anyone. Only visible to you.

  • Shared maps: Shared maps in a workspace that have not been added to a specific collection. Visible to all members of the workspace, but if they are greyed out they have not been shared with you yet.

Some maps in our workspace are greyed out. What does it mean?

They belong to your workspace, but you do not have access to them. That means they are not shared with you. If you would like to get access to a certain map, ask the owner of that map (visible on the thumbnail) to share it with you.

Who can create map collections?

The owner and administrators of a workspace can add, rename and delete collections.

How do I move a map from one collection to another?

Check out this video guide:

How do I delete a map collection?

To delete a collection, it has to be empty. So first, either move the maps in the collection to another collection, or remove them. When the collection is without maps the trash bin icon next to the collection name goes from gray to red and you can click the trash icon to remove the collection.

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