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Company Sharing and Public Sharing
Company Sharing and Public Sharing
Now it is even simpler to share your maps with the people inside and outside of your workspace.
Written by Benny Farnworth
Updated over a week ago

In the Share Maps menu, you will find two new options to easily share your maps.

Company Sharing

With the Company Sharing you can instantly make the map viewable by all members of your organization whose email uses the company domain name. Only those with edit access to the map will be able to make edits. They will need a Custellence profile and log in to see the map.

Simply click on the empty box beside the option “Make this map viewable to all users ending in the correct email domain” and then copy and paste the URL to anybody in your company and your map will now be viewable, although it won’t show up in their map lists.

Public Sharing

With the Public Sharing feature, you can make the map viewable to people outside of your workspace. Once you click on the option “Make this map public and create link” and a website link will appear directly beneath. Whoever you share your map with does not need to be a Custellence user and there is no login required. Click the “copy link” button and share your map!

This link will be viewable to every person that you share that link with. If you want to limit the access to your map, click on the option to “Protect the public link with a passcode” and a randomized password will be generated to share for access to your public map. Simply click the “copy passcode” button to make sharing easier!

If you would ever like to limit who can access your publicly shared map, simply generate a new passcode by clicking the “Generate new passcode” key icon.

Only collaborators with permission to edit the map will be able to make edits. To stop the public sharing of any map, simply unclick the “Make this Map Public” button.

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