Comments Feature
Open up a dialogue with your team members inside of maps with the new comments feature.
Written by Benny Farnworth
Updated over a week ago

In the upper right corner, you will find the comments icon. Clicking this will open the comments sidebar menu. Here you can see the option to “show all read comments” and “show all resolved comments”. Selecting only “show all read comments” will show you all active comments in the map. All comments have two icons beside them.

  • The location button takes you to the card the comment was made.

  • The circle with a checkmark is to resolve the conversation.

All new comments will appear in red and all comments that have been read will appear in grey.

Hovering over a card and you will see a + sign appear on the top left corner of the card. Clicking this will open a new comment window.

Once a comment is made on a card, a comment icon will appear on that card. Clicking on the icon will open the comment pop-up window and you can reply and write a new comment underneath. You can also edit and delete any comments that you have made.

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