Here is a quick guide o how to create your first map:

Step 1: Create lanes by clicking on + New lane. Choose if you want to create a card lane or a curve lane.  

Step 2: When the lane editor window pops up, give the lane a name and a description. 

Step 3: Create a card by hovering on a lane and click on the + that appears. Name the card.

Step 4: To create a sub-lane, hover on the left square on the lane you just created. The text “create sub-lane” appears. Click on the text to create a sub-lane.

Step 5: Create a card in the sub-lane by clicking on the + that appears when you hover on the lane. Choose if a text, image or file should be attached to the sub-card. If you choose text you simply write on the card. If you choose image or link, you can either upload an image or place a URL in the sub-card. 

Step 6: Hide and show the sub-lanes and sub-cards by hovering on the left side of the lane above the sub-lane, or by clicking the small triangle on any card above. 

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