How to invite collaborators and share the map 

1. Open the map. 

2. Click on  “Sharing”.
Type in your team members email-addresses, and click on "send invitation"

3. Right next to each email-adress of your collaborators, you can set the permission levels for the collaborators on the map : 

  • Viewers can view the map 

  • Editors can also edit the map 

  • Admins can edit and share the map 

Note: The only one that can delete a map is the owner of the map. 

You can also share the map by making the map public. That means that everyone with the link can view the map, without signing in to Custellence: 

In "Sharing settings" click on the "Make Map Public", and copy the link that appears. 

You can turn the map public any time, as well as turn it off.  

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