As you probably noticed, with the new simplified map sharing settings, you can now easily fine-tune the access to maps within a workspace.

Where do I find the settings?

To change the access settings, you need to open the map you intend to handle. In the top bar, click on the Share button, and then a dialogue with settings will open up. Scroll down to Workspace Access where the different access level settings are visible.

Who can manage map visibility settings?

The Owners and Admins of the workspace set access rules on the maps. Editors can change settings on maps where they are editors.

The 4 Workplace Access Levels


The map is not visible in the workspace except for Owners, Admins, and invited collaborators who can view or edit this map. No other workspace members can see the map in the map list.


Listed is the default setting for all maps in Custellence with newly created maps. This map is visible to all members of the workspace, but it will appear blurry to any members without access. Only the map Editors/admin/owners can open Listed maps, but everybody can see that they exist and ask for access should that be needed.


All workspace members can open and view this map. Only workspace collaborators that are invited as Owners or Editors of the map, can edit the map.


All workspace members can now see the map in the map list. They can open it, view it as well as edit the map.

If you'd like to learn another way to share maps with specific workspace collaborators, check out Share Maps Individually.

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