Images in the map will not only make the map visually appealing, it is also a great way to create empathy for the customer. In Custellence, adding pictures to your map is easy. Here is how you do it:

Open a card, and click on "attach image" in the card editor. Then choose your image and click "upload".
There you go, the image will now appear in that card. 

Tip! Make sure to uncheck the "interlacing" option when saving PNG-files that you wish to put in a journey map

You can upload any file in a card, but for images we recommend "non-interlaced" PNG-files interlaced. While interlaced images will work fine on screen, they will cause problems if you at any time want to download the map.

So, before uploading a PNG in a card, make sure you save it correctly by disabling the interlacing.  Open the file in any image-editor and look for a checkbox or a prompt when saving the file. You should check all your PNG-files to make sure that they are non-interlaced before uploading them to your journey map. 

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