To manage all your journey maps and relate them to each other, you can create a Customer journey eco system. By using URL-links, you can also connect maps and cards to places outside Custellence, such as project management tools or process- tools like Trello, Jira, Visio or any other tool or software that can handle URL-links can be connected to Custellence. And It's super easy:

  • Link to a Custellence map by copying the URL of it. The link can then be placed in another map or anywhere outside the tool. 

  • Link to a certain card in a map by clicking on the card to open the card editor. From there you can click on "Link to this card" and you'll get a link to use. 

  • Link to a place outside Custellence by simply grabbing that link and place it in a Custellence map or card. 

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