Freeze lanes

How to pin a lane so it will stick to the top while being able to scroll in the rest of the map

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Keep the top lane or lanes visible and pinned to the top while scrolling up and down in your map. This is great for when you work on the lower sections of your map, but still need to know in what phase or customer step you're in. 

To freeze a lane
You can freeze more than one lane, but you need to start with the top lane. Hover over the far left side of the top lane until a small pin icon appears. Click on the icon and the lane is now frozen/pinned. 

To freeze the next lane below, simply do the same, and both lanes are now pinned. You can do this to as many lanes as you like going downwards.

To unfreeze a lane
Start from the last lane that you've pinned, and then click on the pin icon again, to unfreeze it. 

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